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What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapists are practitioners that focus on the muscular soft tissue structures of the human body. The soft tissue of the body refers to muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia. Myotherapists will assess and manage symptoms of pain and dysfunction in the body based on the  these tissues   have on patients presenting with concerns or injuries, and also the effect that these presenting concerns or injuries may have on the muscles, tendons ligaments and fascia of the body


Myotherapy management is targeted towards the tissue structures to ensure that muscle quality and health is heightened to allow for the best function and movement while helping in pain relief and correcting body dysfunction which may be preventing the recovery of an injury. Myotherapy treatment may be beneficial at any stage of a concern or injury.

Myotherapy may be helpful for improving muscular performance and mobility. Mechanical strain on your body from heavy lifting, repetitive actions or people pushing to their limits of  speed, power and endurance can take its toll on your body. These demands can cause unwanted damage to the tissue, which can result in swelling and redness leading to a loss of flexibility in the fascial and muscular system causing less movement, stiff joints, tightness, deep muscle aches, aching muscles, long recovery and increased time needed for warm up activities.

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Point Cook myotherapists

To help the myotherapy find the cause of the injury and begin a treatment protocol, one of our Point Cook myotherapists will assess your relevant medical history, cover any previous health issues and talk with you regarding possible recreational or occupational factors that may be influencing the presenting injury or concern. The myotherapist will also undertake an in-depth physical assessment, which may involve relevant orthopaedic testing, analysis of the way you walk and a postural assessment to gain a better understanding of the joint and muscle biomechanics of your body to see if there are any underlying anatomical or functional dysfunctions which may be creating or aggravating the injury.

Myotherapists will use a plethora of techniques to attain the needed result. Many myotherapists can have a preferences for particular techniques based on their patient’s choices, their own experience and previous results. Some of the techniques our myotherapists use are: trigger point therapy (TpT), dry needling (like acupuncture), fascial release, joint mobilisation (movement), muscle techniques, cupping, deep tissue massage, exercises and movement retraining and education.

Coleman Chiropractic Clinic

Here at Coleman Chiropractic we pride ourselves on providing our clients with alternative techniques to ensure that we not only address skeletal issues, but teamed up with myotherapy, ensures a holistic approach to the management of musculoskeletal conditions.
Myotherapist are trained in the treatment of conditions relating to the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.
With a thorough examination of your medical history, our Myotherapists identify the area of concern through a physical assessment to determine the best technique for optimum outcome. Whether it be a current injury or more chronic conditions, myotherapy could help.

Many conditions can be supported with myotherapy. Some of these conditions include chronic or acute sprains and strains of muscles and ligaments, tendonitis, arthritic joints, sporting injuries, work related injuries and even pregnancy related aches and pains. Myotherapists are also trained in the prevention as well as rehabilitation of injuries for example, athletes who are training for a competitions would benefit from myotherapy to insure their body function at their best as well as recover quicker if injury does occur.

A wide range of techniques are utilised by our myotherapists to ensure that all different conditions are attended to because everyone (and their areas of concern) is different so they require different techniques. Some of said techniques include active release technique (ART), trigger point therapy (TPT), cross-friction, fascial release, massage, deep tissue and  exercises to assist in rehabilitation of conditions to ensure the treatment of the cause is managed not simply the symptoms.

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